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Teacher Syllabus

 Arts Education Department  1st Semester 2nd Semester
Brown, Aaron Vocal Music Handbook
Carter, Katie Beginning Dance Syllabus Beginning Dance Syllabus
Intermediate Dance Syllabus
Proficient Dance Syllabus
Herring, Katie Advanced Theatre Syllabus
Proficient Theatre Syllabus
Intermediate Theatre Syllabus
Beginning Theatre Syllabus
Kinlaw, Sara Visual Art-Beginning Portfolio
Langdon, Chris Fall Syllabus
Perkins, Kellie Beginning Syllabus
Agreement to Class Rules & Visual Art Syllabus
RISK and Are you a C3 Art Student
 AP Syllabi
Bridgers, Tom AFJROTC Syllabus AFJROTC Course Syllabus
Peedin, Timothy AFJROTC Syllabus AFJROTC Course Syllabus
ASIIIa Course Syllabus
Career & Technical Education 
Ewart, Denise Food and Nutrition I & II Syllabus
Givens, Deborah Course Syllabus for Career Management Givens Principles of Business and Finance Course Syllabus
Gonzales, Angela EMT 1 syllabus
HS 1 syllabus
HS 2 syllabus
Adv Studies Syllabus
HS 1 Syllabus
EMT 2 Syllabus
Haynes, John Digital Media Syllabus
Multimedia and Webpage Design Syllabus
Entrepreneurship I Syllabus
Jackson, Nicholas Course Syllabus for Principles of Business and Finance PF – Syllabus
Jones, Monica Law and Justice 1 Jones
McMillan, Mandy Course Syllabus Microsoft Word-PowerPoint-Publisher Hospitality & Tourism Syllabus
Morehead, Jeffrey Sports Marketing SYLLABUS SEM 1
Sports Marketing SYLLABUS SEM 2
Plowden, Aykera Personal Finance Syllabus
Pratt, Yolanda Law and Justice 1 syllabus  –  Criminal Justice II syllabus
Williams, Tamara Foods 1 – Syllabus -Williams
Exceptional Children Department
Andrews, Rowena Occupational Preparation Syllabus -Andrews
Marcell, Zakiyyah TSHS-2017-2018 syllabus Syllubi for Second Semester
Sisk, Heather English I Syllabus Sisk  –  English 3 Syllabus Sisk
Taylor, Rhonda Syllabus for Career Management
Wurst, Cooper Math 2 Syllabus Wurst  –  Introductory Mathematics Wurst FOM Syllabus
Syllabus – Math 1
Math 3
English Department
Allen, Andrea AP Syllabus 2017-2018  –  English II Syllabus English IV Syllabus
Armstrong, Kathy Yearbook Syllabus
Academic Honesty Policy
English 1 Syllabus Armstrong
English 1 Syllabus
English 4 Syllabus
Corbett, Darren 9th grade course information, and syllabus
Classroom Procedures
12 Honors Course Information and Syllabus
Howard, Alicia Syllabus ESL
Kropp, Katherine English IV Syllabus
English II Syllabus 
English II Syllabus
English II Honors
Leonard, Debra English III 2017-2018 Syllabus
First Semester English I 2017-2018 Syllabus
New, El’Laxia English I Syllabus
English II Syllabus
Math I Syllabus
Perkins, Don AP-Eng III Syllabus DP
English IIH Syllabus
English IVH Syllabus
Steffen, Kim Steffen English 2 Syllabus  –  Steffen English 3 Syllabus
 Foreign Language Department
Aguilar, Eva Syllabus Aguilar
Ginn, Doug AP Seminar Syllabus  –  Spanish II Syllabus Ginn
Jimenez, Yolanda Terry Sanford World Language Department Policy
Contract Spanish 3 and 2
 Spanish 1 Syllabus
O’Kelley, Cailin French I Syllabus  –  French 2 Syllabus French 3 Syllabus
French 4 Syllabus
Mathematics Department
Blackman, Jaclyn Calc AB syllabus Blackman
Math 2 Honors syllabus Blackman
Math 2 syllabus Blackman
Hohman, Cynthia Math 2 Honors Syllabus Hohman  –  AFM Syllabus Hohman  AFM Syllabus
Howard, Sharon Math 1 Syllabus Howard
Humphreys, Mirta Math 2 Syllabus Humphreys
Math 3 Syllabus Humphreys
Math 3 Honors Syllabus Humphreys
Syllabus – Math 1
McKinney, Tiane Math 3 Honors Syllabus McKinney
Math 3 Syllabus McKinney
PreCalculus Honors Syllabus
Math 2 Syllabus
FOM Syllabus
Payne, Wendy PreCalculus Honors Syllabus  –  Math 3 Honors Syllabus
Race, Peter Math 1 Syllabus  –  Math 2 Syllabus Math 1 Syllabus – Math 2 Syllabus
Physical Education Department
Christie, Andrew Weight Training Syllabus
White, Jennifer High School Advanced PE Syllabus
Health Education 9th Grade
Willis, Brian High School Health-PE Syllabus High School Health-PE Syllabus
Wyrick, William High School Advanced PE Syllabus  HPE Syllabus
Science Department
Barrett, David Chemistry Syllabus  –  Physical Science Syllabus
Brunner, Kathryn Biology Syllabus
Bunn, Joel Biology Syllabus
Earth Environmental Science Syllabus
Michaud, Margaret Biology Honors Syllabus  –  Biology Michaud
Squire, Sheri Earth Science Squire
Thompson, Brian AP Environmental Science Syllabus
Vorreyer, Estelle Chemistry syllabus Vorreyer  –  ANATOMY SYLLABUS
Social Studies Department
Barbour, Steven Parent Letter – American History 1
Parent Letter – American History II
Cromity, Nekia Syllabus American History 1  – Syllabus Civics Syllabus AP World
Guy, Sam Advanced Placement Psychology Syllabus Syllabus for Physical Education
Hight, Kevin FTS SGA Syllabus and Officer Guidelines and Social Media Contract
Foundations Syllabus Hight
US History II
Horner, Harriet AH 1 Syllabus Horner  –  AH 2 Syllabus Horner
Kiser, Jerod WH Syllabus Kiser
McClelland, Bruce World History Syllabus US History Syllabus
Plummer, Virginia American History II Syllabus World History Honors – Syllabus
Vajner, Deborah American History 1 Honors syllabus Vajner
AP Human Geography syllabus
 Humanities Syllabus
Published by Dana Knight on March 2, 2018
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