Girls Tennis

(School Year 20012-2013) 

The girls’ basketball team will attend team camp at Mount Olive College on Friday, July 13 and Friday, July 27.
Any girl who would like to try out for the girls’ basketball team in the fall is welcome to attend the camp.  There is no charge for the camp.
Please call Coach Bowman (485-1933,H; 670-2634,C) for further details.

FIRST DAY OF PRACTICE:  The first day of official tryouts will be Tuesday, July 31, from 7:30 AM to 9:30 A.M, at the Terry Sanford High School tennis courts.  Subsequent practice times and days will be announced on the first day of practice. For the first couple of weeks, practice will be on Fridays and Saturdays.  Please arrange your vacation so as to avoid conflict with our practices and match play. 

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION:  Please advise your daughter to be punctual for each practice and to bring a copy of a current physical examination on her first day of practice. Athletic physicals are valid for a period of one year.  No player will be allowed to practice or play without a current physical.  Normally, a physician will administer athletic physicals at Terry Sanford at the beginning of each athletic season.  Your local newspaper will usually announce the time and date of these physicals. 

CHALLENGE MATCHES/LADDER POSITIONS:  Ladder positions on our team will be determined by challenge matches. Challenge matches will begin almost immediately during the first week of practice!  Please encourage your daughter to begin improving her game NOW and to be physically conditioned and properly prepared to play a ladder challenge match on her first day of practice. 

TENNIS SERV-A-THON:  Our sole, annual fundraiser is the Tennis Serv-a-thon (1,000 serves). Each player attempts at least 1,000 serves and solicits sponsors for each successful serve. Each player is expected to raise at least $150.00. More details later…. 

MATCH SCHEDULE:  This year’s match schedule will be almost identical to last year’s.  In addition to the scheduled matches, we will have an individual conference tournament, a regional tournament, and the state tournament. Of course, we will also have adual team championship at the end of the season. The dual team format consists of a draw of thirty-two teams from conferences throughout the state. Hence, both an individual State Championship and a team State Championship will be decided again this year.

GENERAL INFORMATION:  I am very proud to inform you that players from Terry Sanford High School set the standards for both play and conduct for high school tennis in Cumberland County, the surrounding counties, and throughout the state. Consequently, in order to earn a position among the elite Terry Sanford “Lady Bulldogs,” it is essential that each player be both a “lady” and a thoroughly committed tennis player. Therefore, I congratulate you on your daughter’s decision to try out for the upcoming season! 

Moreover Terry Sanford enjoys one of the best won-lost records in North Carolina. We are, understandably, extremely proud of our successful tennis program, and we are optimistic about the upcoming season!

Published by Dana Knight on June 6, 2012
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