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Hatch, ThomasPrincipal[email protected]
Abraham-Johnson, CatherineAssistant Principal
Godbolt, RoyvellAssistant Principal
Athletic Director
[email protected]
Robbins, YasmeenAssistant Principal
Walker, JenniferAssistant Principal[email protected]
Arts Education Department
Brown, Aaron[email protected]
Carter, Katie[email protected]
Langdon, Chris[email protected]
Perkins, Kellie[email protected]
Siner, Tiara[email protected]
Skorich, John[email protected]
AFJROTC  Instructors
Albanese, Thomas[email protected]
Peedin, Timothy[email protected]
Cafeteria Staff
Autry, Renee – 910-484-4416Cafeteria Manager[email protected]
Covington, Maria
Gordan, Rudyi
Hatcher, Suri
McKinnon, Debbie
Sinclair, Tamara
Small, Patisha
Whited, Marquerite
Career & Technical Education Department
Brooks, CharlotteCTE Facilitator[email protected]
Givens, Deborah[email protected]
Gonzales, Angela [email protected]
Jones, John[email protected]
Jones, Monica[email protected]
Morehead, Jeffrey[email protected]
Morgan, Shanique[email protected]
Pratt, Yolanda[email protected]
Skenteris, Pete[email protected]
Warner, Dr. Teresa[email protected]
Clerical Staff
Williams, ReneeOffice Manager[email protected]
Adkins, DavinaDiscipline Clerk[email protected]
Hamer, MaryAttendance/Medicine Clerk[email protected]
Johnson-Stokes, MonicaBookkeeper[email protected]
Vo, PatriciaReceptionist[email protected]
Custodial Staff
Sims, SelimaHead Custodian[email protected]
Albert, Eleanor[email protected]
Capoccia, Santo[email protected]
Nealy, Earl[email protected]
Exceptional Children Department
Bell, VickiCase Manager[email protected]
Black, Cheri[email protected]
Bradley, Eric[email protected]
Brown, Jeliza[email protected]
Cedano, Junia[email protected]
Hope, Erica[email protected]
Johnson, Elaine[email protected]
Kenchen, Kathy[email protected]
Marcell, Zakiyyah[email protected]
New, El’Laxia[email protected]
Quimby-Hill, Rachel[email protected]
Rashad, Ken[email protected]
Tolar, Michael[email protected]
English Department
Allen, Andrea[email protected]
Kropp, Katherine[email protected]
Perkins, Don[email protected]
McKay, Ryann[email protected]
McKenney, Sametris[email protected]
Steffen, Kim[email protected]
Vos, Penelope[email protected]
Foreign Language Department
Ginn, Doug[email protected]
Jimenez, Yolanda[email protected]
Smart, Ingrid[email protected]
Global Studies
Vajner, DeborahDirector[email protected]
Guidance Department
Bittle, Jerry – Lead CounselorSchool Counselor[email protected]
Osinski, KyraSchool Counselor[email protected]
Peterson-Hart, SherrieSchool Counselor[email protected]
Rowland, Tracy, Dr.School Counselor[email protected]
Stevenson, PamelaSocial Worker[email protected]
Thomas, AngelaRegistrar[email protected]
Mathematics Department
Cook, Amanda[email protected]
Fulgencio, Marc[email protected]
Howard, Sharon[email protected]
Humphreys, Mirta[email protected]
Keener, Constince[email protected]
Mayo, Rhonda[email protected]
McKoy, Natasha[email protected]
Payne, Wendy[email protected]
Race, Peter[email protected]
Media Center
Fox, RebeccaLibrarian[email protected]
Jayne, KatrinaMedia Clerk[email protected]
Physical Education Department
Cadiz, James[email protected]
Vann, Jordan[email protected]
White, Jennifer[email protected]
Willis, Brian[email protected]
Wyrick, William[email protected]
Science Department
Blazo, Drew[email protected]
Bunn, Joel[email protected]
Jurgel, Miaja[email protected]
Michaud, Margaret[email protected]
Squire, Sheri[email protected]
Thompson, Brian[email protected]
Uretsky, Kayla[email protected]
Social Studies Department
Barbour, Steven[email protected]
Cromity, Nekia[email protected]
Guy, Samuel[email protected]
Hight, Kevin[email protected]
Horner, Harriet[email protected]
Kaiser, Jared[email protected]
McClelland, Bruce[email protected]
Plummer, Virginia[email protected]
Pugsley, Amanda[email protected]
Vajner, Deborah[email protected]
Support Personnel
Scott, CobySRO[email protected]
Terry Sanford High School has a uniformed SRO on duty at all times.  The School Resource Officer Program is a collaborative effort by certified law enforcement officers, educators, students, parents, and the community to offer law-related educational programs in the schools in an effort to reduce crime, drug abuse, violence, and provide a safe school environment.

The SRO assists school administration with anyone who is causing disruption, truancy issues, and any criminal activities on campus.  The SRO performs ongoing security checks of the campus, attends conferences when necessary, supervises traffic at the beginning and end of each school day, keeps incident and accident reports, conducts classroom activities on a wide range of topics, and much more.

Averitte, Jo AnnGradpoint[email protected]
Brady, SusanAG Coordinator[email protected]
Davis, DemetriaSafe Schools Coordinator[email protected]
Eppenger, RobertISS[email protected]
Falter, PamelaSchool Nurse[email protected]
Howard, AliciaESL[email protected]
Knight, DanaGP Lab/Web Manager[email protected]
Molnar, KarlISS[email protected]
Richardson, CatinaData Manager[email protected]
Swan, CarlosMilitary Liaison[email protected]


Published by Laurie Pender on October 12, 2020