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AMP (All Music People)-Club Advisor-Mr. Thompson
Meeting Times:  1st and 3rd Thursdays
Requirements: Love for the music scene. Need players, singers, roadies and managers.
Yearly Activities: Public performances at FTS; acoustics, electrics, singing, groups and solos.
Membership Dues: $10
Art Club – Club Advisor-Ms. Kinlaw
Meeting Times: One or two Tuesday’s a month.
Dues: $20
We assist teachers with Art needs etc….theater props, rain barrels, presentations, posters, and we have plans to paint the girls softball field and hopefully a new mural.
Asia Club-Club Advisor-Ms. Plummer
Meeting Times: As announced in room 52.
Requirements: Interest in the Asian culture–to include the Middle East and India. Please note that you do not have to be Asian to join–all are welcome!
Yearly Activities: Monthly meetings, cavalcade, Chinese New Year Celebration, Community Service, Asia Night, and any other activity as approved by the club members.
Membership Dues: $10.
Bulldog Buddies-Club Advisor-Mrs. Stevenson
A senior/freshmen mentor club that pair senior volunteers with freshmen to mentor them in mutual areas of interest and to help them acclimate to high school.
Chess Club-Club Advisor Mr. Blackburn
Meeting Times: Fridays during PAWS 3:01 p.m.
Requirements: A passion for chess or simply an interest in learning the game.
Yearly Activities: Tournament style bracket  with prize for the undefeated player at the end of the year.
Membership Dues: $0 None at this time
DECA-Club Advisor-Mrs. Haynes
Meetings: EVERY 2nd Tuesday of the month at 3:45 p.m. in room 8.
Dues: $20
DECA Store: Candy, Cookies, and Spirit Items can be purchased from room 8 every day after lunch. An association of marketing students. Since 1946 DECA has filled the role of the premier student organization preparing high school and college students for careers in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. Through DECA’s program of activities, and our partnerships with business and industry, our students develop academic, leadership, communication, human relations, employ ability and civic responsibility skills. DECA’s activities and partnerships focus on local, state, national and international programs designed to encourage career exploration and recognize student achievement.
Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Club (FCCLA) Advisor-Ms. Ewart
Meetings: Monday right after school in room 29.
Yearly Activities: Community service, competitions and club activities.
Dues: $35 The mission of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is to promote personal growth and leadership development through family and consumer sciences education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, and community leader, members develop skills for life through character development; creative and critical thinking; interpersonal communication; practical knowledge; and career preparation. FCCLA is a nonprofit national career and technical student organization for young men and women in family and consumer sciences education in public and private school through grade 12.
Forensics-Club Advisor-Mrs.Mayhew Co-Advisor-Mrs. Horner
There is a weekly required practice every Thursday right after school with Debate students and Interpretive and Speech students. Each student must participate in at least five regular season tournaments, in addition to helping to host our own tournament and participating in the District National Qualifier and the State Championship. We compete in three debate events and about seven literary events at each tournament which start in September and go through June. There are about 14 tournaments on our schedule. There are no dues to belong; however, there are expenses related to registrations and travel. The Forensic program in the county helps fund most of this expense. Our team this year has 25 students on the roster with half of those being extremely active. Most students don’t get started until around October. That is our first competitive month. We have been fortunate to have 10 national qualifiers over the eight years I have served as coach.  Parents compile the remainder of the judges and chaperones on my help staff.
French Club-Club Advisor-Mrs. Kelly
Meeting times: 1st and 3rd Mondays right after school in room 213.
Mission: The mission of the French Club is to help create an understanding of and promote enthusiasm for the various aspects of francophone culture and language.
Students can expect to see authentic film clips, taste a variety of snacks and listen to music from French Speaking countries.
Requirements: Membership is open to any student who wishes to learn more about the francophone language, traditions, and food.
Membership dues: $20
Friends-Club Advisor-Mrs. Sisk
Mission:  Folks Rallying Intentionally Experiencing Needs & Disabilities while Sharing Christ & Living United as Believers
The FRIENDS CLUB is a non-profit club, comprised of Terry Sanford High School students, regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, or intellectual or developmental disabilities.  The club’s functions are primarily social and philanthropic in nature and are focused on creating opportunities for teens, with and without developmental disabilities, to build friendships, experience belonging, and share in Christ’s love.
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)-Club Advisor-Mr. Haynes 
North Carolina Future Business Leaders of America (NC FBLA) is a career and technical student organization that serves students who are or have been enrolled in a Business Education course. NC FBLA is affiliated with FBLA-PBL, which is a national organization with 250,000 student members and 56 affiliate state organizations.
Glee-Club Advisor-Mrs. Mangus
Meeting Times: Fridays after school and/or during Friday P.A.W.S. as announced in room 2 (Chorus) or on the daily announcements
Requirements: Vocal audition – sing a pop song of your choice, a capella (without accompaniment)
Yearly Activities: Performances on concerts as announced
Membership Dues: None required at this time, but certain choral attire will be required for performances
Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)-Club Advisor-Mrs. Gonzales 
Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of each month at 3:45 p.m.
Dues: $20.00
HOSA (HOSA) is a national student organization endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Technology Education Division of ACTE. HOSA’s two-fold mission is to promote career opportunities in the healthcare industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people.
International Dance Advisor-Mrs. Jimenez
Meeting Times: Day and time once a week at 3:35 p.m.
Dues: Are due the day you join the club
Practice: Monday 3:35 p.m. – 4:30 p.m., Wednesday- 3:35 p.m. – 4:30 p.m., Friday  – 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
We like to do events for Elementary school as well as Middle school. Students enjoy learning different dance, salsa, merengue, bachata, guaguanco, and many other dances.
International Thespians Society/Drama-Club Advisor-Mrs. Herring
Meeting Days: every Tuesday 3:45 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
The Terry Sanford Thespian Troupe (#6669) supports the FTS Theatre Department and the whole Terry Sanford Community.  To be inducted, students must have a cumulative total of 10 points, earned by participating in theatre activities, either in the school or community at large.  See Mrs. Herring for points and membership information.
Key Club-Club Advisor-Mrs. Steffen
Meeting Times: 3:40 p.m. – 4:15 p.m. on every Wednesday.
Requirements: No GPA requirement. A heart for service to the home, school, and community. Consistent participation in service activities is required to remain in the club. Elections are in February for the next year.
Activities: Club members plan and carry out a wide variety of service projects for school and community. Required projects are UNICEF, Children’s Miracle Network, and March of Dimes. Some projects that have been done in the past are Fall Festival at an elementary school, stadium clean up after home games, teacher appreciation.
Membership Dues: $20 yearly, which include district and international dues ($13.50).  T-Shirts to be ordered separately.
Honors: Seniors may be designated as Key Club Honor Graduates by maintaining a 3.0 GPA and completed over half of the community service points. What is Key Club? Key Club is the world’s largest volunteer high school service organization. The core values of Key Club are Leadership, Character Building, Caring, and Inclusiveness. Key Club sponsored by Kiwanis. “KEY” stands for Kiwanis Educating Youth.
Ladies of Quality (LQ)-Club Advisor Mrs. Davis & Mrs. Haynes
Meetings: Are every other Wednesday at 3:45 p.m.
Dues: $25.00
Mission: Through community service, excellent bond of sisterhood, and a vast amount of integrity we strive to improve our inner and outer being. Our purpose is to become successful and respected young women in society. Love, Friendship, and Responsibility are the core values of Ladies of Quality. Open to any young lady at TSHS.
Mu Alpha Theta-Club Advisors-Mrs. Montunnas
Meeting Times: Tuesdays 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Requirements: 3.25 unweighted Math GPA
Yearly Activities: Math Madness national online competition in the fall, NC High School Math Contest – Regional Semi-final at UNC-W, AMC 10/12
Dues: $30 the year you are inducted, $15 all other years.
National Art Honor Society-Club Advisor-Mrs. Perkins
 Meeting Times: The first and third Tuesdays of each month from 3:35 p.m. to 4:30 pm unless otherwise stated. To be considered active, members must attend both monthly meetings.
Dues: Yearly dues are $30.00, which includes a club tee shirt.
Yearly Activities: Artist trading card creation, school, and community service projects, Very Special Arts Festival and special art projects as the club deems appropriate.
Requirements: To be considered for membership in NAHS, students in 9th grade must first take one full semester of Visual Art and students new to Visual Art in grades 10 – 12 must have first taken one full quarter of Visual Art. At that point, they may be invited by their Visual Art Teacher to become a member of the NAHS based on maintaining both good behavior, citizenship, and a “B” average in Visual Art class. After being inducted as a new member, students must maintain a “B” average, good behavior, and good citizenship in Visual Art and all other classes to remain a member. Returning members do not have to currently take a Visual Art to remain a member for the year if they were previously in the organization.
National Honor Society-Club Advisor-Mrs. Michaud
Through invitation based on scholarship and selection based on submission, students are invited to join National Honor Society each March. Society members are students who have distinguished themselves in the areas of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. The Society participates in service activities.
Ping Pong Club-Club Advisor-Mr. Barrett
Meeting Times: PAWS period
Dues: $10

Mission Statement: We will increase our appreciation for the game of Ping Pong by strictly adhering to the rules and maintaining a competitive attitude.
President: Bryce K., John L.
Vice President: Autumn E.
Treasurer: Kurin K.
Secretary: Matt B., Kaleb S.

Quiz Bowl – Club Advisor-Mr. Green
Meetings: Every Thursday 3:45 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Dues: $25.00
Jeopardy format competition that is fast paced and covers a multitude of topics. All grade levels are welcome.
Science Olympiad-Club Advisor-Mrs. Michaud
Meeting Times: Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00 p.m.
Requirements: Love for competitive science.
Yearly Activities: Practice, Regional Tournament, State Championships at NCSU
Membership Dues: $50 covers registrations, transportation, and hotels.
Sentinel Club-Club Advisor-Mrs. Leonard
Meeting Times: Wednesday PAWS time  3:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Room 201
Dues: No fees at this time.Club Mission Statement: The FTS Sentinel ‘s purpose is to  create an informed student body, provide opportunities for staff and students  to make a difference now and in the future, by providing a constant flow and or exchange of relevant information and ideas. We further seek content that has high interest, impacts the reader, provokes discussion and advances the reader’s knowledge. We strive to create a product that is a reflection of the diversity of the backgrounds, goals and interests of the readers in the most professional environment possible.
SGA/Student Forum-Club Advisor-Mr. Hight

Image of Seal for National Gold Council of Excellence - National Association Student Councils award for 2013.Image of Seal for National Gold Council of Excellence - National Association Student Councils award for 2014.

SGA serves as the elected student representatives in bringing student concerns to the administration. 26 positions are elected by the student body, with another dozen or so appointed by the class presidents and the Student Body President. SGA meets every day as part of the Leadership Development class. Formal meetings are held twice a month.

SGA represents FTS at events throughout CCS and North Carolina. SGA plans traditional activities such as Homecoming, Student Auction and Teacher Appreciation Week. It also works to add new events each year like FTS’s Has Got Talent and the Minority Awareness Assembly. Elections are held in the spring for upper-grade officers. Eight freshmen are elected for semester offices in the fall.
Spanish Club-Club Advisor-Mr. Ginn
Requirements: None. Any student can join the Spanish Club. Students do not need to be enrolled in a Spanish class to become a member of the Spanish Club.
Meetings: General meetings and officers’ meetings will take place on Mondays after school in room 214, but not every Monday. There will be an announcement prior to a meeting, activity, or event. Please listen to the announcements for upcoming meetings and events, or read the announcements posted on the bulletin board in the main hall. Activities: Learn bout and participate in different Spanish holidays, make crafts, learn Latin American dances, take part of the “Cinco de Mayo” festivities, and have an active role in fundraisers that benefit the school and the community.
Benefits: Have fun, learn about other cultures, try delicious foods, and build leadership!
Membership Fees: $5.00 basic membership. This fee does not include the Spanish Club t-shirt. Some activities, which include food, may not be free.
Spanish Honor Society-(Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica)-Club Advisor-Mr. Ginn
Activities: Learn about different holidays and participate in cultural activities, make crafts, and try delicious Latin food. Take part of the “Cinco de Mayo” festivities. Be part of the “Spanish Tutoring Program”. Be an active participant in volunteer activities that benefit the school and the community.
Benefits: Possibility of earning scholarships and awards
Be part of a prestigious national association, which looks good for college applications. Students who are enrolled in Spanish and maintain an A from induction to graduation will receive a diploma seal, an honor cord, and will be recognized as a member of the Spanish Honor Society on their high school transcript. (**To receive an honor cord you must at least have an A in Spanish III or Spanish IV when you graduate).
Meeting: Events, activities, or meetings will take place on Mondays after school in room 214 (upstairs).
Meetings do not take place every Monday. Please listen to the announcements for upcoming meetings and events, or read the announcements posted on the bulletin board in the main hall.
Annual Fee: First year (year of induction): $20 (to cover cost of induction ceremony and t-shirt)
This is a nationally recognized honor society, sponsored by the AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese), whose goal is to promote the learning of world languages and cultures in high school.
Our chapter, “La Generación del Milenio” was established at TSHS in the year 2000. Our colors are red and yellow. Our motto is “¡Todos a una!” (All Together!)
Have you earned an A in Spanish 1 and Spanish 2?
Are you interested in learning more about the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries?
Are you an active participant in the activities of the Spanish Club?
Do you have honorable conduct in the classroom and the school?
Do you plan to continue studying Spanish until you graduate?
If you answered YES to all the above questions, you are eligible!
Fill out an application to be considered (available in room 214)
Eligible students must participate in the induction ceremony (to be officially inducted)
Earning an A does not make you automatically eligible or an instant member of the Society. You must participate in all activities and be officially inducted!
Members already inducted: $5.00 (to cover yearly activities)
Speech & Debate Team – Head Coach-Mrs.Mayhew, Assistant Coach-Mrs. Horner
Weekly required team meetings and practices are held each Thursday right after school with both Speech & Debate students in room 222, West Wing. Each student must participate in six required tournaments including the District National Qualifier and the State Championship. We compete in three debate events and seven literary events at each tournament which start in September and go through June. There are no dues to belong; however, there are expenses related to registrations and travel. The Speech & Debate program in the county helps fund most of this expense. Parents are required to judge and chaperone to make the program work.
Technology Student Association (TSA) Club Advisor-Mr. Haynes
Meetings/Practices:  Held every Tuesday after school in Room 10 (encouraged, but not mandatory)
Yearly Events:  Regional, State, and National Competitions
What we do:  We compete in competitions across the state and nation in events such as Digital Video Production, Dragster Design, Fashion Design, Flight Endurance, Music Production, Photographic Technology, Video Game Design and so much more!  We also offer many opportunities for participation, growth, and leadership.
Mission:  The Technology Student Association fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in technology, innovation, design, and engineering. Members apply and integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts through co-curricular activities, competitive events and related programs.
Teen Democrats-Club Advisor-Ms. Plummer
Meeting Times: Mondays at 3:45 p.m.
Requirements: Is an interest in politics.
Yearly Activities: vary depending on whether or not it’s an election year…we sometimes have guest speakers come to talk about political involvement opportunities. We have also had some members work on Democratic campaign committees.
Membership Dues: $15
Tri-Chi-Club Advisor-Ms. Plummer
Tri Chi is a service organization devoted to raising funds for donations to various local charities. Tri Chi has a traditional focus on charities that benefit breast cancer research.
12th Man-Club Advisor-Mrs. Armstrong
Meeting Times: 1st Thursday of every month (or as needed).
Requirements: Show up to home athletic events/attend meetings.
Yearly Activities: Fundraisers, athletic support.
Membership Dues: $50.00 = 2 shirts and entrance to all home regular season athletic events with current year 12th Man Shirt.
Published by Dana Knight on December 8, 2016
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